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10 May 2013 @ 10:11 pm
OMG!! OMG!! After stressing out about my marks and GPA the last two weeks, I almost spazzed and cried with happiness when I got all As and 1 B for this semester. That was so unexpected... I am so happy! Definitely celebrating tom. This made my weekend! Actually, my whole Summer. Now I can finally have fun!!
02 August 2011 @ 05:49 pm
A long time ago, (somewhere in between the second and third movie) I stopped watching Harry Potter movies. I always had fond memories of the first movie because of all the magical feeling fairytale bullshit that was typical of Chris Columbus. It might be cheesy but it has that magical flavour I always associated with Hogwarts in general. Then after that in my personal opinion, everything went downhill.

Some actors forgot to act like their characters.. erm (Emma) so I just said fuck this and left the fandom. So it comes with a surprise that I actually really enjoyed the last movie. I just watched it on Sunday... (ironically Harry's birthday) because well I might as well watch it because it's the last movie. I even enjoyed it better than the craptastic plotholes that is the Deathly Hallows book. I never ever thought that would be possible. I always held the books in high esteem in comparison to the movies. Even the horrid Epilogue was somehow better on screen than reading it through gritted teeth because I thought the fanfic ending just ruined HP to me. Of course, I still looked away when Harry had to enunciate ALBUS. SEVERUS. POTTER but I survived through it.

There are some still some wish-they-didn't-do-that moments but it'll pass because I'm in a nostalgia trip right now.
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12 July 2011 @ 08:49 pm
James Potter>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Severus Snape.

Who would have thought this will ever be questioned. All these love for Snape is making me nauseous. Okay, I get that he changed but he still carried on a grudge and punished innocent children for it. Not to mention, I find his obsession for Lily a bit creepy at times. He pushed her away with all the dark stuff. And clearly James changed. I certainly do not blame Sirius or James for finding Snape annoying. He probably would annoy me too ngl. Also, I am still not over Harry naming his child Albus Severus Potter. WTF? Seriously, I used to be a big HP fan but 6-7th books just ruined it for me. There is a lot of nostalgia right now because it's the last film so my HP fandom got revived a BIT. I just wished Rowling would write more about the Marauders era. I love them so much more than the Golden Trio. They are partly responsible why I love Arashi so much. The Marauders reminds me a bit of Arashi. LOLS!
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29 June 2011 @ 08:29 pm
It was surprisingly good. I don't really know much about Transformers despite remembering a few flashback of the cartoons back in the day but it's quite understandable. Lots of action and there is a new girl... She has the same lips as Megan Fox. Anyways, despite some scenes that they should have cut, everything else was watchable.

Also, get well soon Aiba-chan.
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21 April 2011 @ 03:56 pm
I found something I can relate to in tumblr. Bless.

If only being a fangirl is my major.....

There would be classes like

Fanfiction 101
Mary Sues and How to Avoid Them
What Your OTP Says About You
Theories of Shipping
The Societal Value of PWPs
How to Integrate Your Fandom into Every-Day Situations
Haters Gonna Hate: A Study on Trolls and Fan-Wankers

I WOULD ACE EVERY SUBJECT AND GET A++++ in every single one...

BUT alas, cannot escape reality... ;___; MUST STUDY EMPLOYMENT LAW...
17 April 2011 @ 01:33 am
I am so glad Oh-chan accepted the job to host a mini series about his art. I think I just fell in love with his paintings... Just in awe. I could probably stare at his works for hours just admiring it.

I researched more about him and just look at these masterpieces...

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13 April 2011 @ 09:00 pm

LMAO! xD OMG, I can't.
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08 April 2011 @ 01:50 am

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31 March 2011 @ 10:25 pm
I really really like her songs. I discovered her 3 years ago and I just find her so irresistibly cute.

Dubbed the Forever Idol... Seiko Matsuda is the classic epitome of one. She ruled the 80's Golden Age of Idols for a good reason.

Seriously, watch this and tell me if you can resist it.

Other idols pissed me off when they try to look cute (which she evidently does) but somehow I don't mind it when she does it. She is just too cute. <3

Her songs are really good too.

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27 March 2011 @ 04:39 pm
Why I love tumblr #2

credit to: cookiesmon


Tumblr >>> LJ.
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